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We find and set the proper and strongest keywords for your website.
Stand out with a smart SEO strategy and the right online marketing decisions.

Keyword & Competitor research

Our experts will search and  find the right keywords that will help your business stand higher and get you to the right target group.

Selection of keywords & competition

To make clear statements we have first to get the knowledge within the search engine competition related to your business, after that we have to select the best keyword set that will help you get closer to your potential client.

Analysis of profitable keywords & strategies

If a keyword set is bringing visits that doesn’t necessary means that we have reached our goal. We have to analyze every combination and find the one that brings you sales.
Using Analytics  our team will understand what  works better for your business  considering the visitor’s behaviors on your website.

Planning the strategy

Choosing the best and proper keywords for each page. Defining and choosing the right context. Being always up to date and having a plan that leads us to the best results.

By researching, analyzing and selecting profitable keywords for your business, you are not only leading through your success, but also stepping strong in front of your competitors.


Special and professional search engine keyword research for your company. For every business there are allot of keywords  that we have to analyze. We find and choose the right ones  through thousands. 

It’s not just about numbers, its also about understanding your business area and the intention behind the user’s search query. Identifying keywords is not difficult.

The challenge is to find the best keywords, rate them correctly, and carefully put them into context.


“Schon nach wenigen Monaten hat sich unsere Zusammenarbeit mit dem Finischer Team mehr als nur ausgezahlt.
Quality-klicks sind nun nie wieder Mangelwahre.”

Marcel Bredow – CEO, NBB Controls


“In Zeiten der Krise erwies sich unsere Kooperation mit Finischer Media als eine der Besten Entscheidungen in Sachen Marketing. Durch die Onlinevermarktung unseres Lieferdienstes konnten wir auch OHNE Lieferantenpattformen überleben.”

Nopi Pantelidou – Gasthaus zur Rose